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Last update : December 1st, 2019 - JPDLD
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How to fill in these fields ?

1. LoginYour login has been given to you by JPDLD if you chose to participate in this Christmas event. If you haven't got any login, message him !

2. Recipient IDEnter the user ID of the person on Discord. To find it, right-click their name or profile picture and click Copy ID. You must have activated the Developer Mode option (Settings / Appearance / Advanced).

3. MessageAnything you want to send. Kind words, a joke, anything. No formatting is allowed except for external links (example given : [JPDLD's website]( will become JPDLD's website).

4. Attached file IDs (optional)You can add up to four files by entering their respective IDs separated by a comma. To get a file ID, DM your file to the Christmas Hub Discord bot (Christmas Hub#5390), which will give you a file ID for each attachment you send. Here's a syntax example to send three files : file_ID_1, file_ID_2, file_ID_3.

5. Side notes (optional)Those notes will only be visible by JPDLD when he wraps up your present. Maybe they'll be useful to him, who knows :P

For any other questions or specific requests, don't hesitate to send a DM to JPDLD. Have fun and be wholesome !