Help on Multiplayerpiano IDs
Last update : May 21st, 2018 - JPDLD
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On Multiplayerpiano, players are characterized by their respective ID. An ID is an identifier that is associated to an IP address and a color. It is composed of 24 hexadecimal characters, for example 051ee1ec34cf0218653af6a8.

Your color on Multiplayerpiano depends on your ID. Thus, people who use a dynamic IP or a VPN cannot have a steady color.

The only way to change one's color while preserving one's IP is to use Brandon's Fishing bot that is sometimes online in test/fishing room. To change your color with Fishing, try to catch some fish with /fish, then eat it with /eat. You have approximately a fifty-fifty of having your color changed.

To know your ID, you can click on your name at the edge of the page on Multiplayerpiano, or use developer tools :
MPP.client.getOwnParticipant()._id to get your ID.
Be aware that _id and id are not the same in the functioning of Multiplayerpiano. id is a temporary identifier you have for one client, while _id is the permanent ID associated to your IP and color.

Use MPP History to browse names and IDs of thousands of users on Multiplayerpiano.